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About The Artist

Delfina was born in Rome, Italy where she lived most of her life. She grew up in an older quarter of this town rich in ancient vestiges and art. The rich environment around her has infused their passion and love for mosaic and painting.

She started quite young with self-tutoring in mosaic and continued to improve her skill over the years. After her graduation as a teacher, she attended study classes held by mosaic masters Brando and Carol Meloni. She worked mainly on commission and she participated in local exhibitions with good success.
In 1998 she moved to Phoenix, AZ following her husband’s assignment to the USA. Soon she became a member of the SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists). Several of her works have been exhibited in shows held by SAMA at Museums in San Francisco, Ca, Orangeburg, SC, Washington DC, Mesa, AZ, Chicago, Il, and Austin, TX.
In 2010 she founded the “Sedona Mosaic School” In Sedona, AZ. working in cooperation with Sedona Art Center. In 2012 she gave four days of classes to Sedona Middle School students. The same class was repeated in 2013. The artworks realized by the students under her guidance are now decorating several areas of the school.
In 2015 she had to close the school due to health problems, but she did not stop creating. In the same period of time, she started to create mosaic jewelry. For her creations, she has always utilized semiprecious stones. Her creations have been very much appreciated for their unique design and combination of colors.
Painting has been always an art that has attracted Delfina. Since young, she has been self tutoring and as soon as in the USA, she attended Arizona Glendale Community College to study painting and the history of the Arts. More, in order to improve quickly she attended also several private painting classes at Scottsdale Artists School.
She became a member of the Arizona Art Alliance and Scottsdale Artists League and exhibited with success in many shows earning accolades from critics and visitors. She received the first show award more than once, Artist of the Month recognition at Scottsdale Artists League, and Best in Show at Scottsdale Art School. Her creation is born mostly from her soul and inspired by Mother Nature.